Mono-magnesium Phosphate Powder

Ref-Bond MP2, water soluble powders for setting cements, refractory gunning & fertilizer applications.

Buffered Mono-Aluminum Phosphate Solution

Ref-Bond BMAP, for use in phosphate bonded refractory mortars, plastics and granulars.

Roxal Alumina

  • Reclaimed Alumina  helps lower your costs while benefiting the environment.
  • Unique properties make it ideal for use in phosphate bonded plastics, refractory brick and shapes.

Custom Dry Blending

We also specialize in dry blending of formulas with minor additions as low as .05%


About Refractory Minerals

Refractory Minerals Company, Inc. specializes in processing raw materials required to produce high-quality refractory products while building exceptional customer relationships. Founded in 1983 in Berwyn, Pennsylvania (a Philadelphia suburb), our plant is presently located in West Grove, about 40 miles west of Philadelphia.

Our materials are used in refractories, specialty cementing, and investment casting as well as the industrial and agricultural markets. Refractory Minerals’ primary goal is to provide refractory producers with raw materials that help IMPROVE STRENGTH and REDUCE COST: phosphates for technical cements, phosphate bonded plastics, and fertilizers; quality recycled air-floated alpha alumina; and toll blending and packaging services, in particular self-leveling mortars.

At Refractory Minerals, we take great pride in providing superior products and prompt, friendly service.